Running of the new car.

Running of the new car.Buying a new car, it is worth remembering that you get anyone previously used cars – car descended from the conveyor factory requires serious preparation before the first departure, as well as proper running. In fact, a new car requires much more attention than a second-hand – in the operation of the first two or three months of running-in takes place all the main components and mechanisms, so you should very carefully monitor the condition of the car. In addition, you must adhere to certain operating rules, so that your car is not out of order immediately after the acquisition.

The first rule – do not let too much frequency of crankshaft rotation, simply put – do not press the pedal as far as it will go.

Try to change speed in driving – it will quickly earned extra major components and mechanisms of transmission and suspension.

Pay attention to the brakes – do not brake too hard, try to press the pedal intermittently – it will be earned extra blocks and will protect them from rapid wear.