Chrysler 300c 2016 Review

That 300C as Chrysler flagship sedan but earlier versions of the 300 Justin have the refinement to deserve that status this is a thoroughly revamp 300. Turns out Chrysler has built themselves a pretty nice large sedan here. Now feels like a luxury car big reason for that it’s really quiet inside. Not much wind noise not. Road noise the ride is also luxury class the body remained steady in this pretty good isolation here that said the optional 20 inch wheels they do add some bling. But they really don’t help when it comes to ride comfort. Handling is decent but there’s no hiding that this is a large car steering that has low effort to it slightly waited there is some feedback though through the wheel also there isn’t much body lean in the corners. The CN 300 C. signifies that the car has Chrysler’s 5.7 liter, hemi V8 no surprise this engine has plenty of power. It’s also those presidents not terrific when it comes. Fuel economy most buyers are going to be plenty happy with the base 3.6 liter V6, that engine is smooth has plenty of power he gets better fuel economy.

Chrysler 300c 2016One thing that the 5 speed automatic is a better match for the twerking hemi V8 than it is for the high revving V6, a change to an 8 speed automatic should help things. The 300 you step horrible driver visibility this redesign helped a lot you don’t have to crane your neck anymore to look out the 300C stoplight, still thought exactly like you’re driving a fishbowl either there’s a long heard the side windows a pretty short and has a high rear deck that gets in the way when you’re backing up and Chrysler 300 smoked headlights. A big backup camera helps sodas optional blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert that warned you wanna cars crossing behind you as you back out of a tight space. 300 has a luxurious interior thickly padded dash board a wood rim steering wheel lying storage compartments piping on the leather seat it’s all very nice a giant sunroof makes it feel Brian open and airy inside too there’s even hinted in core Cup holders.

To that everything doesn’t fit quite right though there’s also some so so finish lines on the dashboard. Sparkling glittery gauges look me but they’re hard to read they give off a whole lot of glare there’s a giant touch screen for radio and climate controls the fonts are large most the buttons you touch on the screen are big everything’s well label it’s pretty easy to use it also helps that there’s a set a redundant hard controls here knobs and buttons for the most commonly used functions. When you have a big car you expect a big cabin in the 300 doesn’t disappoint the front seat their wide their plush they’re very comfortable there’s a power tilt telescope steering wheel and power adjustable pedals or to help you get dialed in just right. The rear seat is very roomy and comfortable for 2 but 3 is a bit of a different story the center perch the questions pretty hard also there’s a large driveshaft tunnel takes up the place where your legs would go.

You get a big car you expect a big trunk. 300 strong what’s pretty wide but also gets pretty shallow but going to limit the size we can fit inside one nice touch though stood back seats fold flat. So the 300 is a worthy flagship for the Chrysler brand this big sedan is also a convincing luxury car it’s also by far the best Chrysler we’ve tested in years.

Running of the new car.

Running of the new car.Buying a new car, it is worth remembering that you get anyone previously used cars – car descended from the conveyor factory requires serious preparation before the first departure, as well as proper running. In fact, a new car requires much more attention than a second-hand – in the operation of the first two or three months of running-in takes place all the main components and mechanisms, so you should very carefully monitor the condition of the car. In addition, you must adhere to certain operating rules, so that your car is not out of order immediately after the acquisition.

The first rule – do not let too much frequency of crankshaft rotation, simply put – do not press the pedal as far as it will go.

Try to change speed in driving – it will quickly earned extra major components and mechanisms of transmission and suspension.

Pay attention to the brakes – do not brake too hard, try to press the pedal intermittently – it will be earned extra blocks and will protect them from rapid wear.