Replacing HID D1S bulb 2009 Chrysler Grand Voyager – headlight lens

Today I successfully replaced a ball in a Grand Voyager headlight lens you talk to many of them. Phillips bulb May I show you how to do it real quick here. Going to ask me about. Less than 5 minutes at 6 minutes here public course. I had to do was on the driver side. You have to access it. By removing a rubber cap first. It’s gonna rubber cap right have the flashlight to the rubber cap off the night took exceed I remove the Nagel colonel from the battery first because these are high voltage bulbs. And they also pressurized the one where safety glasses while. But remove the rubber CAP. There’s a pin on the bottom initially the old bald. But the old Bob looks like right there.

grand voyager headlight lensAll bulb Chrysler Grand Voyager Arm There was little bald is on the bottom. There’s a pin connector it’d take the pin connector off. There’s a little tiny metal piece clip America’s physically knock that off. It’s not. Looks like it doesn’t it doesn’t do much. Check that out. Put it aside. But the Obama although bald here was has a black plastic green. The girl from this black plastic part here. You’re gonna grab come to hold back the metal. Twisted. Counterclockwise and take it out it’s pretty easy trap to hit anything they’re pressurized so they can explode. Take the new one the new when you’re gonna take that black plastic ring off as a little clip. And here you can see there’s a little there’s a little Max but my thumb. Unix remove other clip in the new clip was going around with that matches. In a report on this black plastic clip.

Beginning to reinstall the ball. And then it’s gonna have to go on about like this in a fraternity Grand Voyager headlight lens. Clockwise to get in there was a click then then it is simply this reattached. The bottom what will source on the bottom you can try to put on that look up if you want or not. And then test really quick to make sure it works it works. On a quest to do that you’re going to reinstall the battery cable. Not just us it works it works act and then I take no my better cable it shows connected and I took the rubber plastic or the rubber piece that goes on there too. That’s gonna protect the back don’t forget to read so that because you know it rains or something of moisture it’s gonna probably kill off the ball there $90 balls. And then afterwards. We both work. To show that it does work. Turn the lights on. There you go. We could see what they look like. Actors included a nice white ball. Have fun again 2009 press atomic country minivan.

Batteries for cars and motorcycles.

BatteriesIn our time, buy a battery for a vehicle can be in many stores. There are so many manufacturers, they offer power supplies of any design on a wide range of price. However, it is a great variety becomes the main problem, as motorists hard to stay on one thing. For example, selecting the 12v battery for a car, you need to consider a lot of factors that will make the most correct choice. And most importantly, it’s not a brand or even design features but technical specifications.

One of the most important is the level of capacity. This indicator determines the amount of energy possessed by this battery. Obviously, as higher the capacity is, so more energy will be able to give the battery. It does not matter, you are looking for a battery for a passenger car, or want to buy battery on the motorcycle, tank is the most important parameter. Usually optimum value is specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the technical documentation.

Chevrolet camaro

Chevrolet camaroThe revival of the legendary Chevrolet Camaro oil-car occurred in March 2009 while the serial production of the fifth generation car in the coupe was launched on the GM in Oshawa. And two years later, in January 2011, the plant started assembling of Camaro Convertible – soft-top convertible.

The manufacturer prepared a number of updates for the new model year: The base trim of Chevrolet Camaro 2012 is offered with a 3.6-liter gasoline V6, which power increased to 323 HP. In pair with a 6-speed automatic transmission this engine can accelerate the coupe to 100 km/h in 6,5 s, mechanics – 0.5 s faster. At the same time the fuel consumption remains relatively small – according to the manufacturer, it does not exceed 7,4 l in track mode.

In turn, the charged version of Chevrolet Camaro 2012 SS is equipped with 8-cylinder engine, volume of 6.2 liters and power of 426 HP, Brembo brakes and improved suspension, as well as headlights same as Impala led headlights. In February 2011 at the Chicago auto show there was presented the fastest of road modifications of muscle cars – Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with a 6.2-liter power train. Due to the use of the Eaton drive the engine power raised to 580 HP and the torque – to 670 Nm.

Running of the new car.

Running of the new car.Buying a new car, it is worth remembering that you get anyone previously used cars – car descended from the conveyor factory requires serious preparation before the first departure, as well as proper running. In fact, a new car requires much more attention than a second-hand – in the operation of the first two or three months of running-in takes place all the main components and mechanisms, so you should very carefully monitor the condition of the car. In addition, you must adhere to certain operating rules, so that your car is not out of order immediately after the acquisition.

The first rule – do not let too much frequency of crankshaft rotation, simply put – do not press the pedal as far as it will go.

Try to change speed in driving – it will quickly earned extra major components and mechanisms of transmission and suspension.

Pay attention to the brakes – do not brake too hard, try to press the pedal intermittently – it will be earned extra blocks and will protect them from rapid wear.